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Normal voltage 25.6Vdc/25.6Vdc/51.2Vdc
Voltage range 22.4-28.8Vdc/22.4-28.8Vdc/44.8-57.6Vdc
Capacity 2.56KWh/3.072KWh/5.12KWh
Maximum discharge rate 1.5C
Maximum charge rate 1C
Battery Type Lithium Ion (LFP)
Rated power 3000W/3500W/5500W
Current regulation power 6000W/7000W/11000W
Output voltage 220/230/240Vac
Output current 13.7A/15.9A/25A
Rated frequency 50/60HZ
Virtual Hard Disk <3%
Output waveform pure sine wave
Output Type AC
Efficiency 93%
AC input voltage range 17O^280VAC
AC input frequency 50/6OHZ
Maximum AC charging current (battery) 25A (0-25A)/60A (0-60A)/80A (0-80A) adjustable
Maximum PV power 1200W/3000W/5500W
MPPT working voltage range 36-80Vdc/120-450Vdc/120-450Vdc
Maximum charging current (battery) 40A/100A/100A
Working temperature 0-50℃
Storage temperature -15-60°C
Humidity 5%~95%
Cooling Strategy Fan
Installation method Wall-mounted
did not include.36kg/41kg/57kg
Product Size.455*170*700mm/530*170*835mm/530*170*835mm
packing material carton
gross weight.42.2kg/49.5kg/65.5kg
Outer box specification 830*550*280mm/960*630*280mm/960*630*280mm
Degree of protection page 21
Protection class USB/RS232; WIFI/RS485; WIFI/RS485
Guarantee for five years

normal voltage25.6Vdc/25.6Vdc/51.2Vdc
voltage range22.4-28.8Vdc/22.4-28.8Vdc/44.8-57.6Vdc
Maximum discharge rate1.5C
maximum rate1C
Battery TypeLithium ion (LFP)
rated power3000W/3500W/5500W
Current regulation power6000W/7000W/11000W
The output voltage220/230/240Vac
Output current13.7A/15.9A/25A
rated frequency50/60HZ
virtual hard disk<3%
output waveformpure sine wave
output typealternating current
AC input voltage range17O^280VAC
AC input frequency50/6OHZ
Maximum AC charging current (battery)25A (0-25A)/60A (0-60A)/80A (0-80A) adjustable
Maximum PV power1200W/3000W/5500W
MPPT working voltage range36-80Vdc/120-450Vdc/120-450Vdc
Maximum charging current (battery)40A/100A/100A
Operating temperature0-50℃
Storage temperature-15-60°C
cooling strategyfan
installation methodWall-mounted
did not include.36kg/41kg/57kg
Product Size.455*170*700mm/530*170*835mm/530*170*835mm
Packaging Materialscarton
gross weight.42.2kg/49.5kg/65.5kg
Carton Specifications830*550*280mm/960*630*280mm/960*630*280mm
degree of protectionpage 21
degree of protectionUSB/RS232; WIFI/RS485; WIFI/RS485
guaranteefive years


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