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Development trend of lithium battery equipment technology

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Development trend of lithium battery equipment technology

Lithium battery equipment refers to the coating, slitting, lamination, winding, liquid injection, welding, testing and other process equipment for the production and supply of lithium-ion batteries.In the future, the explosive rise of the new energy vehicle market will continue to indirectly drive the rapid rise of lithium battery equipment.In addition, under the pressure of large-scale mass production of power Lithium battery and the continuous improvement of battery safety performance, domestic lithium battery equipment began to gradually get rid of imitating Japan and South Korea, showing a trend of quickly catching up with the international advanced level and even surpassing it.

The product performance and technology of domestic equipment have been greatly improved, and the degree of localization of lithium battery equipment has also been continuously improved.At the same time, there is also a change in the benefit logic of the lithium-ion battery equipment industry. Equipment companies have gradually benefited from the increase in the concentration of the lithium-ion battery industry from the output expansion of lithium-ion battery companies in the past.After the rapid development of domestic lithium battery equipment in recent years, the performance and quality have been greatly improved. At present, domestic equipment has greatly improved in terms of speed, control accuracy and stability, and basically can meet the needs of battery companies. The overall demand is improving.

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