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The scalability of lithium battery equipment technology

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The scalability of lithium battery equipment technology

1. The scalability of lithium battery equipment technology

1.1 Sources of Product Competitiveness of Non-standard Equipment Enterprises

The core competitiveness of non-standard machinery enterprises comes from the precise control of specific processes.For non-standard equipment companies, their product competitiveness consists of three major factors:

1) The underlying composition: PLC, vision system, servo motor, pneumatic components, robots and other components are direct components of non-standard equipment products. Procurement, so it is not the core competitiveness of non-standard equipment enterprises.

2) Process realization: It is designed by personnel who have mastered the professional skills of non-standard mechanical design to form non-standard equipment that can achieve specific process effects (but performance is not required); there are not a few people who have mastered the basic methods of non-standard mechanical design, but have specific Personnel with rich experience in crafting is relatively scarce.

3) Precise control of a specific process: through continuous trial and error and adjustment of equipment, strive to improve the precision, efficiency and stability of the equipment; the trial and error experience obtained through this step can be fed back to the 'process realization' link, Optimize its design and spare parts selection, and even realize process innovation and optimization; this link needs to rely on the understanding and accumulation of production and commissioning personnel on the process and downstream customer needs.

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